Sunday, January 5, 2014


*Sigh* As I'm only 17, it doesn't seem that travel is in my near future as I am unemployed and underage. Oh well, at least I can look at pictures online? Here are my top 5 places I would love to travel (no order):

New York City. I've been once a few years ago but I don't think I appreciated it as much as I should have. (I was dealing with some stuff at the time.) I'm from a small-ish town in California where it's always hot and boring. I plan to make NYC my home one day.

Portland, Oregon. This might seem weird to some people but I've always thought Portland was so beautiful and it's really not that far away from me. It's about the same distance away from me that L.A. is. Maybe I'll visit when I turn 18 in September. ;)

New England. This one's a little bit vague but I just mean all of those states in general. (I'm not sure where exactly this photo is from). The buildings (I have a thing for architecture) and the history over there is outstanding. And I mean, look at that beautiful weather! We don't get colors like that where I come from.

London, England. This one's a no brainer, I mean you had to have seen this one coming. Remember, I have a thing for buildings! :)

Paris, France. This is definitely one of my top picks. The buildings, the fashion, the macarons (!!!!). The entire parisian lifestyle is so chic but effortless and uggghhhh I would love to just live there for a month. (Study abroad program? If only!)


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  4. Hey, Amanda-- you can definitely travel! Don't think of yourself as underage, think of yourself as the student you are! It's a great asset! From the time I could read, I dreamed of traveling all around the world. When I was in middle school, I entered an art contest whose prize was a trip to Tokyo. I made it to the finals but unfortch did not win. But think about entering a contest! In high school my parents scraped together the money to send me on a school exchange to the Republic of Georgia, my first trip abroad! Does your school or town do short exchanges with "sister cities"? My hometown, Atlanta, GA was sister cities with Tblisi, Rep. Georgia. Ask the city council. At age 17 I applied for a scholarship to be an exchange student in Germany and I won it and went there for a year where I learned German! Ask your guidance counselor and the embassy of the country you're interested in! If you visit a European country, you can visit other countries from there. While in Germany, I went on a school trip to France and saw not only Paris, but the wonders of he south of France, which is even better IMHO (did you know France also has a Grand Canyon and it is incredibly beautiul?)! So maybe you want to go to Paris but consider Prague, Budapest, Brussels and other European cities that are beautiful and offer access to places like Paris and London, and may be cheaper. Airlines offer surprisingly cheap trip packages at certain times of year and you can book hotels/hostels online. In a year you'll be 18-- start planning. After all my travels, I wanted my Mom and little brother, who had never been anywhere, to see some of the sights. One November, my Amex card sent me a promotional flyer for $1000 RT tix to Paris. I was in college (in Rhode Island-- New England is everything you think it is, def visit there, it's dreamy!), working several jobs to make ends meet, but it was a good opportunity! I put the tickets on my card and my mom & I scraped together all the money we could over the months and in spring flew to France, then after seeing Paris took a train to Venice for a few days. Being with my mom in her dream destination was priceless!!!! Travel while you're young and healthy Amanda! Do what you want!!! A few years later I was diagnosed with lupus and could not do these things anymore. I was so glad I'd done it. Incidentally, I now live in Brooklyn, NY. Great place to visit, hard place to live! But I do feel like "if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere"...