Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Nighttime Shower and Skincare Routine

I.Love.Showers. Best thing in the world! I love how I feel afterwards: squeaky clean! Showers are probably my favorite part of the day for me; a time to relax and reflect about my day. (Also, I won't show you my hair care products since I don't wash my hair everyday. I can do a separate post for that if you guys want!)

So the first thing I do is find a nice clean pair of clothes to wear. I picked my New York Shirt, a pair of sweats and fuzzy socks.

Next thing I do is jump in the shower, obviously. I pin my bangs back and put my hair in the bun and wash off all of my makeup.

 After that, it really depends on the day for what comes next. Sometimes I use a scrub if I wore a lot if makeup that day, but lately I've just been using a face mask because it hydrated my skin while also helping with my acne!

Now this next step isn't something I do all the time because it's too harsh but I love using body scrubs to really deep clean my skin.

Then I use this awesome stress relief body wash from bath & body works. It smells amazing and the scent lingers for a while!

Then after that, I hop out of the warm, enticing shower and it's time for skincare!
The first two products I use are an acne cream and moisturizer both from clean & clear. I've been using this moisturizer for YEARS. Perfect for my hormonal teenage skin.

After that, I apply argan oil to my eyelids. I know, sounds a little weird but my kids get extremely dry in the winter time and they flake and hurt and this has really been helping out!

To top it all off, I use a moisturizing spray which to be honest I'm not too impressed with. I probably wouldn't buy it again but it does feel good! I want to try the Evian one!

Well that's it! Like I said, I really look forward to this part of my day. What do you use in your shower routine?
Thanks for reading!

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